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my name is lauren hershiser. i was born in los angeles on august 6th 1988. that day was also andy warhol's 60th birthday and 6 days before the death of jean-michel basquiat. two of my favorite artists.

i lived in venice beach for my first year. then palm springs, new orleans and dallas before we settled in taos, nm. that is where i live now and am in my last year of high school (2007).

Artist's Statement

my work is evolving constantly with each new expression, yet my art has always been a personal story; a place of reflection where everything is talking in a symbolic language of metamorphic content that flows through my mind's eye into my fingertips and out through the pen, brush or other means. I feel very alive when i'm able to illustrate something that was once invisible and now is suddenly there for everyone to interpret in their own way. i dive head/eyes/mind first into an art piece and come out the other side with a new point of view; and sometimes a refreshed soul.

Artist's Statement

my drawings are a dream that i am living, inspired by what i am deeply connected to - consciously or unconsciously. like looking at the world in a different way, my drawings are views from the other side of the window.

reoccuring themes in my work are often things that i struggle with and drawing helps me to work them out. but it just happens - i don't think about it. drawing is a comfortable, unconditional state that just comes to me.

when i'm drawing, it's as if i'm writing to someone, and when i look at the drawing, it's as if i'm reading it back. i want people to take the time to read the work for themselves, to figure out what the images mean to them, instead of just looking to the artist for answers.

i've also begun experimenting with designing objects for my personal needs that aren't fulfilled by society. these objects are clashy, pop art creations like charm skirts and multi-accessory water bottles made in my own style.

recently, i've started painting on canvas, which is a full body experience. i love being it! i want to be as famous as andy warhol and as crazy as vincent van gogh.


What others have to say:


To Lauren,

I love your work - it's brilliant. I'm excited to watch your career explode!


Robert Lee Morris (march 2007)


Lauren exhibited artwork in the invitational show "Outside the Lines" 2003 at the Albuquerque Convention Center. As the curator, I wrote a short introduction for Lauren as follows:

"Lauren seems to draw as naturally as she breathes, creating an intricate and profound world of her own making. The strength of her personal vision is what inspired the initial idea for this show, and I would like to dedicate this exhibit to her artistic journey."

Terry Davis, curator (2003)


Lauren is a graduating senior at Chamisa Mesa High School in Taos and has been drawing ever since she can remember. She began Language Therapy in the 6th grade as a demonstartion student helping me become certified as an Academic Language Therapist. (Thank you Lauren!) From our very first session together, I was astounded by her creative talent, and it has been an honor to watch her tremendous progress in reading, writing and spelling and to witness her development as an artist.

The strength of Lauren's artistic vision was the original inspiration for Outside the Lines; an exhibit showcasing student work at the SWIDA (Southwest International Dyslexia Assoc.) Conference in 2003. At the time, I dedicated that exhibit to her artistic journey which still continues to unfold.

Terry Davis, CALT (2006)


2002 - 2007 Chamisa Mesa High School - Taos, NM.
Elective Art classes with Katie Woodall
Mar 2007 "SEA: Self Employed Artists" 7th Annual Conference
Chicago, IL. / Presenter and participant
April 2006 "Entrepreneurship in the Arts" Conference
Espanola, NM.
Feb 2006 "SEA: Self Employed Artists" 6th Annual Conference
Chicago, IL. / Presenter and participant
April 2005 ECCO Arts: Workshop in conjunction with the Traveling exhibit: "The Journey is the Destination; The Journals of Dan Eldon"
Sep 2004 Mural Painting Internship with George Chacon
Harwood Museum Annex - Taos, NM.
Nov 2006 "Young Artists Manifesting" Invitational Exhibit of 16 Presenters
Old County Courthouse - Taos, NM. (Lauren won $100 "Best of Show" in a unanimous decision by the judges; local well known artists and gallery owners).
2003-2007 Art website - sold the domain to NY fashion designer Jordan Bettens in 2006 and now show at
Mar 2006 "Celebrando" Student Art Show
Stables Gallery - Taos, NM.
Mar 2006 "Kids Unleashed" Youth Performances. Awarded 1st Place for original costume design. TCA - Taos, NM.
Feb 2006 "Creative Writing" Invitational Exhibition. International Dyslexia Assoc. Conference. Albuquerque Conv. Ctr. Alb., NM.
Nov 2005 Group Exhibit Sweet Grass Cafe - Taos, NM.
Spring 2005 "Celebrando" Stables Gallery - Taos, NM.
Nov 2004 Group Exhibit Sweet Grass Cafe - Taos, NM.
Jun 2004 "The Other Side" A Two Person Show: Lauren Hershiser and Misha Garver. Western Sky Cafe - Taos, NM.
April 2004 Self Portrait Show Gallery Eilias Inez Studio de Lydia Garcia
Ranchos de Taos, NM.
Nov 2003 "Kids Unleashed" Invitational show. Marcus Sanders curator.
The Bean - Taos, NM.
Feb 2003 "Celebrando" Arts Show.
Stables Art Gallery - Taos, NM.
Feb 2003 "Outside The Lines" Invitational Art Exhibition. SW Branch of the International Dyslexia Assoc. Alb. Conv. Ctr. - Alb., NM.
Spring 2006 NewSwida from the Southwest Branch Newsletter for the International Dyslexia Assoc. Examples of cards for "Ghosts of Departed Sounds". Illustrated silent letter cards to be printed for sale.
Spring 2003 NewSwida from the Southwest Branch.
"Outside the Lines" credit to the participants.
Winter 2002 NewSwida from the Southwest Branch.
Talent Highlight: drawings of Lauren Hershiser



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extreme - farthest removed from the ordinary or average

expressionism - the tendency of an artist to distort reality for an emotional effect