laurens art
extreme expressionism

these are a few of my favorite things

robert lee morris

robert lee morris

world famous jewelry designer
andy warhol collection and designs with donna karan (DKNY)
robert is a friend and great artist



andy warhol

andy warhol self portrait

"art is what you can get away with" - andy warhol
my favorite artist

i was born on andy's 60th birthday. when i was 10 i told my parents that i was the reincarnation of andy warhol. i was serious. i have tons of collage art, stencils, silk screens and other warolish type art that has not made it onto the site yet.

here are some links to andy related sites: - andy warhol museum and store - links to andy related sites - andy warhol foundation - more andy links and pics - more links to andy related stuff


"every line means something" - jean-michel basquiat
amazing artist. i love basquiat's work.

i had never seen his work before until recently when my dad got the movie, basquiat. strangely that was on 2/22/07, the 20th anniversary of andy warhols death.

here are some links to basquiat related sites: - info and related artist links
google images - see pics of basquiat art - great artist info and pics - more artist links and info


jordan betten lost art

jordan betten lost art

beautiful handmade custom leather and more
my art site used to be at the domain
(acronym Laurens Original Sick and Twisted Art). i worked out a deal with jordan so he got the name and redid my site using
jordan is and incredible artist and a really great person




emek tool poster

rock poster artist and more
emek is an incredible artist and really nice person. he has a great my space page here.

my dad has almost every emek poster
most of the posters you see in the background of my pics are emek posters




street reaper

most excellent graffiti artist



keith haring




maye torres

spiderman and einstein

excellent taos artist, friend and neighbor



jenova clay

jenova clay

great taos artist and friend



kc tebbutt

kc tebbutt's origin

incredible taos artist and long time friend

see kc tebbutt fine art


kimberly webber

kimberly webber's astral

amazing taos artist and friend

see kimberly webber fine art


women in orange
la meow
do you matter


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extreme - farthest removed from the ordinary or average

expressionism - the tendency of an artist to distort reality for an emotional effect